17.07.2024 eco Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures Appeals: Federal Budget and Growth Initiative Must Drive Expansion of the Digital Ecosystem at All Levels

13.06.2024 YouGov Survey Shows: European Championships Lead to Increased Access to the Internet and Online Services

26.05.2024 eco Alliance on the German Energy Efficiency Act Amendment Bill: German Federal Government Must Now Prioritise Implementability

17.05.2024 eco Alliance on the EED Delegated Act: EU Must Not Overburden Data Centres with Bureaucracy

15.12.2023 German Federal Government’s Budget Compromise Could Jeopardise Urgently Needed Expansion of Data Centre Capacities in Germany

20.11.2023 Digital Turning Point in Germany Requires Sovereign and Efficient Digital Infrastructures

26.10.2023 eco Alliance on Industrial Strategy: Bridge Electricity Price Must Also Apply to Data Centres

02.10.2023 Three Questions for Andreas Herden from Green Mountain AS

21.09.2023 eco Alliance: Energy Efficiency Act Boosts Ecological Balance of Digitalisation

25.07.2023 Why the Energy Efficiency Act Can Significantly Improve the Environmental Footprint of Digitalisation

19.06.2023 A Call from eco Alliance: German Energy Efficiency Act should focus on ‘readiness’, not rigid regulations for waste heat delivery

24.05.2023 eco Alliance for Digital Infrastructures: The German Bundestag Must Practically Adapt the Energy Efficiency Act

09.05.2023 eco Alliance for Digital Infrastructures Calls for an Industrial Electricity Price for Data Centres

20.04.2023 Cabinet Decision on Energy Efficiency Act: German federal government must establish realistic conditions for data centres’ waste heat delivery

05.04.2023 eco Alliance for Digital Infrastructures: New Draft German Energy Efficiency Act More Realistic, but Heating Network Operators Must Be Held More Accountable

06.03.2023 eco Alliance on the electricity price brake: German federal government must not neglect digital infrastructures

02.03.2023  eco Alliance Spokesperson Dr. Béla Waldhauser as Candidate for Board of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

14.02.2023 New Member of the eco Alliance in Germany: Three Questions for plusserver CEO Alexander Wallner

14.02.2023 eco Alliance Critical of New Blue Angel Directive for Data Centres as Impractical 

24.01.2023 “Hessen is the top German location for data centres”: Digital Minister Sinemus presents study

29.11.2022 eco Alliance for Digital Infrastructures: Electricity price brake must also apply to data centres

23.11.2022  eco Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany with a dedicated session at the G7 Multi-Stakeholder Conference

15.11.2022 Network Rollout Must Be Driven Forward Vigorously

27.10.2022 eco Alliance for Digital Infrastructures: Current draft of the German Energy Efficiency Act is technically and economically unfeasible

27.10.2022 eco Politiklunch – Perspektiven für eine nachhaltige Rechenzentrenwirtschaft bis 2030

25.10.2022 eco Association: German federal government must embed the system-relevance of data centres in energy crisis emergency plans

12.10.2022 Associations’ Perspectives for a Sustainable Data Centre Industry: eco, bitkom and GDA Publish Joint Position Paper

01.08.2022 eco Alliance on the Energy Crisis: Waste heat from data centres offers great potential, but no alternative to Russian gas in the short term

28.06.2022 Alliance Talk: Opportunities and Challenges for Sustainable Digitalisation

09.06.2022 Frankfurt Data Centre Location: Digitalisation Will Enable Climate-Neutral Heating by 2030

07.03.2022 European Data Centres Can Make a Decisive Contribution to Achieving Climate Targets

16.02.2022 5 Facts on the Sustainability Effects of Data Centres: eco Alliance for Digital Infrastructures Calls for Rapid Roll-out of Renewable Energies

22.02.2022 Online-Event: How to achieve green sustainability goals for the Data Centre Industry

25.01.2022 eco Alliance on the Omicron Wave: We Can Rely on High-Performance Digital Infrastructures

29.11.2021 eco Alliance on the German Coalition Agreement: Sustainable Digital Infrastructures Require Renewable Energies

14.10.2021 eco Alliance Calls for Master Plan on Digitalisation

13.07.2021 Fit for 55 Package: eco Alliance Welcomes EU Commission Plans

31.03.2021 eco Alliance Presents Approaches for Sustainable Digitalisation on International Platform of Hasso Plattner Institute

21.01.2021 eco Alliance Signs Up to Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact

18.12.2020 eco Alliance: “Digitalisation is THE basic condition for a CO2-neutral Europe”

24.11.2020 New Study by eco Alliance: Best Practices Show Future Potential for Green IT 2030

11.07.2020 Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in German-Swedish Exchange on Artificial Intelligence

17.06.2020 Energy Efficiency 2050: Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures Represents eco in the German Federal Government’s Working Group on Digitalisation

10.04.2020 eco Alliance Urges that Data Centers in Germany be Relieved of the EEG Levy

12.06.2018 Companies Demand: German Federal Government Must Develop Strategy for Strengthening Germany as a Digital Location